The Biomedical Difference

The Biomedical Difference

Dermatonics® is formulated by doctors based on scientific and clinical evidence to ensure an effective and authentic product that remains fresh. Dermatonics® has been tested around the world in some of the most extreme climates to ensure it works every time and can be used on all skin types in all geographic regions of the world.

We utilize super-critical fluid extraction (SFE) technology to prepare some of our superior blend of natural-organic medicinal plants, flower extracts, oils, herbs and spices complemented with R.E.C.E T, an in-house trade-secret skin delivery methodology. These methodologies guarantee our certificate of authenticity at the molecular level, well beyond ‘organic’- our ingredients enable you with safer formulations and advanced clinical grade skin care.

These extraction methods are ‘green technologies’ that help conserve Mother Natures bio-active ingredients, so they remain as similar to nature as possible, this is a form of biomimicry and our gift to you and your family.

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