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Product Reviews


Beauty Elixir


“I am 64 years old and was introduced to this product in October 2016. I have been very pleased with the results that I am seeing. It has a very nice fragrance to it and is minimizing my under the chin wrinkles. I have very sensitive skin and can not use a lot of the products on the market. You need a very small amount and when applied leaves a very nice feel to the skin.” Sharon – Canada



“Beauty Elixir is the Goldilocks of moisturizers. Great in summer and winter. I have combination skin but it requires more moisture as I get older. Beauty Elixir feels light on the skin, and never greasy but my face hasn't feel dry since I started using it. Beauty Elixir is perfect for use under makeup as it has a light finish. The pump bottle is great so you use the right amount each time and there is no waste.” Kylie – NSW, Australia

EXPERT REVIEW ON www.beautyheaven.com.au


“I was intrigued by a naturally based anti-aging product so was very keen to try the Dermatonics Beauty Elixir. The Elixir is a thick rich cream which comes in a very handy pump bottle so you always get just the right amount of cream. It is infused with medicinal plant extracts to help maintain skin elasticity, collagen production and to reduce the appearance of fine lines. I applied the cream to my face, neck and décolletage after cleansing. The cream spreads really well and is quickly absorbed. It left my skin feeling really firm and hydrated. After using the cream for a couple of weeks I really noticed that it helped to minimize the look of the fine lines on my face and neck.” Di – beautyheaven.com.au Expert Review


Eye Cream


“Having used it for barely a week there is already a visible difference to my eye area with fine lines disappearing. The whole under eye area is looking much healthier as well. My black circles come and go (usually dependent upon gut health) so it's been harder to assess the cream's impact on them. As others have noted the packaging is nothing too special, but the size of the tube is really quite large. Given the amount of product required (something like a smear for each application) it's going to last a LONG time.” BeautyHeaven review (Dilettante)



“I have been using this for about a week at the time of writing this review. The packaging is fairly plain and simple, which may see it overlooked for a more known brand. I love that it is in a tube, it's my pet hate using eye creams in little jars, especially as they last for months. This eye cream has a slight almost gel like feel to it, initially I noticed how incredibly hydrated my Eye area felt after first use. After a few uses I do feel my under eye are doesn't appear so dark. I notice quite a fresh scent with an almost vanilla undertone. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more improvements with continued use, my interest in the Dermatonics range has certainly piqued”. BeautyHeaven review (PrettyPrincess)



“Wow. This does what it says, my fine lines are reduced after a week of twice daily use, my dark under eye circles have also reduced so much so that the husband even can see a difference. The cream is slightly more liquid than I am used to in an eye cream but that also means a very little goes a long way. The cream itself is a shimmery gold colour that absorbed straight into the eye area but still leaves you feeling hydrated. It layered really well with my serum and moisturiser where I often have a problem with balling. The packaging is basic but who cares when the product is actually very effective. I have a very sensitive eye area and had absolutely no issues with the cream at all, there was a light fragrance but again no issue.” BeautyHeaven review (2663anne)



“This eye cream is said to help with the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Also to be used as a preventive measure. Being in my 40's I'm starting to see fine lines appear and also suffer dreaded dark circles. I'm always on the look out for a good eye cream that can help soften lines and make my eyes appear brighter. The cream has a light consistency which absorbs nicely into the skin. It is white with a slight pearl tone. It does have a perfume scent which I find pleasant. I wear specs and contact lenses and this eye cream hasn't irritated my skin or eyes. I have been using both morning and night for less than a week. I'd like to revise this review in say a month or more to see whether I've seen long term benefits but so far my under eye area has felt soft and my under eye area seems to be brighter. The packaging looks fairly ordinary however is very functional and simplistic. The size is decent at 20ml. This eye cream will last for a while with continued use. This trial has made me want to explore this brand further especially since it's an Aussie made and owned brand. have been browsing the Dermatonics website for more information about the brand and their product range. I have enjoyed using this eye cream and will continue to use.” BeautyHeaven review (Beauty Obsession)



My first impressions were: 1. The packaging reminds me of Amway. It's not that exciting so I would probably pass it up in favour of something a bit fancier, which is a shame because the eye cream is actually very good., 2. There is quite a lot of fragrance for an eye cream. I happen to love the fragrance! It reminds me of Red, which is the perfume my big sister wore when we were teenagers, so it takes me back. But it does linger for quite some time and being an eye product - meaning that it is intended for use in a sensitive area, I really don't understand how this passed the development stage. I haven't experienced any irritation while using this product, but I definitely see it being an issue for quite a few users. This eye cream is great for use morning and night as it does not leave shine or residue. It absorbs beautifully and gets straight to work brightening the under eye area, which I am absolutely loving!

Because I happen to like the fragrance a lot, this is one eye cream that I really enjoy using! As soon as I wash my face in the morning or step out of the shower at night, I reach for this eye cream. Actually wanting to use a product means a very high probability of success as it's continued use that makes the difference (admittedly, I've been a bit slack in the eye cream department of late), so I'm onto a winner here!” BeautyHeaven review (Lucrecia629)


Hand Cream


“I have been using the hand and body nutrition for a few months, the coldest months in our part of the world, Canada. My hands get scaly and dry but this hand cream and just a very small amount made them smooth. It has a very light coconut smell, not my favorite but it is not strong enough that it should bother anyone. Because you only have to use a little at a time, one tube of 100 mL will go a long way. I definitely recommend this product. It has been a huge help for my dry, scaly hands.” Roz - Canada


Multiple Products

“Love your products! The Revitalising Eye Cream really helps with the bags under my eyes and the Brightening Essence is beautiful moisturiser - it leaves my skin feeling so soft and the cream itself goes such a long way. Also love the foaming cleanser - my skin feels really clean after I use it - and doesn't feel stripped of any nutrients. Thank you!” Sam - NSW, Australia


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