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Frequently Asked Questions

What are NutridermaceuticalsTM?

NutridermaceuticalsTM are a world-first biomedical breakthrough of functional organic phytonutrients with high potency organic antioxidants. ELASTICEN® is the proprietary composition that helps exert youth looking effects through functions that behave like ‘ceuticals’ to enrich the natural physiological activities of skin. ELASTICEN® is exclusive to Dermatonics® and is used to help maintain skin radiance and youth appearance at its best through strengthening collagen and elastin matrix. Adopt our effective daily skin care phytomedicine regime for fast-acting, visible results and cleanse, moisturise, treat, nourish and protect.

Are Dermatonics® products tested on animals?

Dermatonics® are strictly NOT tested on animals and we're opposed to the testing of skin care products on animals. Dermatonics products follow the European cosmetics regulation 1223/2009, ASEAN cosmetic directive guidelines, and The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines for testing. We are proud to be the leaders in the field that guarantee each and every one of our products. Our products are all Australian Made (License: 6782).

Are Dermatonics® skincare products suitable for all ages?

Dermatonics® skin products are formulated with ingredients that have scientific efficacy and offer proven skin care solutions for all ages and varying skin types of women and men. Dermatonics® Nutridermaceuticals are particularly beneficial for blemish correction and help skin that is dry, sun-damaged, eczema, rosacea and prone to acne breakouts. Its always recommended that customers seek the advice of a trained skin care professional when deciding which products to include in their skin care program.

How long before I see results?

Your skin will instantly absorb the nutrients in Dermatonics® upon topical application. Depending on how much nourishment your skin requires, feel free to apply a second application for more optimal effects. Benefits will be experienced almost immediately. Skin will feel tighter, smoother and look clearer. You may experience a tingling sensation upon your first use, this is normal and expected. While results vary from person to person, most individuals have reported results in the first few days of use and frequent use will enable gratification, smoother and youth looking skin. Use Dermatonics® as a daily skin care regime in the morning and evening. For optimal results, always cleanse before applying Dermatonics®.

Your skin cells cycle over a period of 4-7 weeks, shedding off, remodeling and rejuvenating hence, optimal results may vary.

How do I become a Dermatonics® stockist?

To become a partner, please send an email to our team at info@dermatonics.com.au that includes your contact information and details of how you will sell Dermatonics®.



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