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Since 2008, we have been passionate about carefully researching and developing high quality, Australian-made, natural skin care products. We strive to specifically develop skin care products that truly have an effect that you can see and feel on your skin and that have real purpose. Our products are packed with natural, active ingredients that work in synergy to bring the best of nature to your skin. Therefore in 2016, we launched our Dermatonics® range with additional, carefully developed products coming soon. We are continually in the research and development stage to bring the best quality natural skin care products to our consumers. Be sure to stay tuned and sign up to our e-mailing list so you can be one of the first to know about what is coming.


Dermatonics® Biomedical Difference

From biomedical evidence, Dermatonics® was developed as the new revolutionary, advanced, natural skin care range. Our formulas are innovative in the way they are created. As a result, a new term - NUTRIDERMACEUTICALS™ - was developed for the skin care market. When developing our formulas, we ensure an effective, authentic product that retains effectiveness. Dermatonics® has been tested around the world in some of the most extreme climates to ensure stability and that it can be used on all skin types in all geographic regions of the world.

We utilize super-critical fluid extraction (SFE) technology to prepare some of our superior blend of natural medicinal plants, flower extracts, essential oils, herbs and spices. This provides super-pure ingredients that remain active. This is complemented by an in-house, trade secret skin delivery methodology - responsive extracellular matrix enhancement technology (RECET). These methodologies guarantee our certificate of authenticity at the molecular level, well beyond ‘organic’ and our ingredients enable you with safer formulations and advanced clinical grade natural skin care. These are also green technologies that help conserve bio-active ingredients, so they remain as similar to nature as possible.


Meet The Team

Dermatonics® has been created by the husband and wife team, Donna & Helder Marçal. Their passion for products that are free from harsh chemicals and great for sensitive skin is what drove them to develop this beautiful range of clinical-grade skin care.


Dr Donna Lee Marcal (Dinnes)

Dr Donna Lee Marçal (Dinnes)

Donna, originally from Canada, completed her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa. Her work on inflammation and how the body reacts to foreign material in the body (polyurethanes) led her to conduct part of her research at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia as a result of being awarded 2 different international research fellowships. And the Australian story begins! Her work on the proteomic investigation of how proteins change and are influenced by various polyurethanes interacting with inflammatory human macrophages led to further collaboration and multiple publications in highly respected research journals. She was awarded her PhD in 2007 and promptly moved to Australia to continue her work at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (Brisbane, QLD). She was then awarded a National Science & Engineering Research Council (Canada) Post-Doctoral Fellowship and began to work with Prof Leonard Kritharides and Prof Wendy Jessup of the Macrophage Biology Group at the University of New South Wales. She continued this research into macrophages, protein secretion, cholesterol and atherosclerosis and has done so until 2016 with further publications in the field. She is now the driving force behind Dermatonics (by Sentryca Pty Ltd) and the research behind its products.


Dr Helder Marcal

Dr Helder Marçal

Helder conducted his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. During his PhD, Helder was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award Industry to pursue his research focusing on understanding the mechanisms and proteins involved in tissue and nerve regeneration. This lead to a great understand of what the critical layers of the skin and surrounding tissue require in order to repair and regenerate. He has also worked closely with leaders in the field of ageing, understanding the mechanisms of how our body ages and key pathways to extend both the life span of health cells and humans as a whole. Helder has a passion for understanding natural extracts and how they can benefit the skin and regeneration process.

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